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Ok, so the actual signs in dorms were a hoax, as it takes a kind of goldilocks combo of come and hair to actually clog drains.

But imma need a link to someone frying come


Ok…I laughed at first, but… Now I’m just scared… Please don’t send a picture of someone frying come across my dash. I beg you.

This is like… too good to resist. I mean really @gertiecraign you know I follow you and you KNEW there was a good chance this post would come across my dash and you KNOW what i have to do now, right? RIGHT?!!!

Because no one else is doing it and @ryugarika-blog asked and like… I’ve SEEN THIS BEFORE because i’m kinky like that

OK i’m a little horrified to admit we went looking for the video again but it’s on a site that made my virus blocker say I THINK THE FUCK NOT but it’s got some dumb name like “hungry whores eating fried cum” and they do and i mean there are nicer ways to get your semen intake than just fried plain, we’re not savages.

Wait, so not everyone has checked out an extreme fetish site (ones that are legit so just your average Adblocker can take care of it with no viruses) and can easily find GIFs and vids of oddball things like this?!

I mean even if y’all don’t have all those fetishes, aren’t people curious? Inquiring minds and all that?

BTW, Whoops! I loved your come-post pun. I love a good pun 😀