the media + body image

I was talking with Ryan (who has body dysmorphia issues because he was overweight as a kid and now very thin but doesn’t feel right in his skin) about weight and body image and all that stuff when I mentioned Marilyn Monroe and how she was a healthy body weight for her height and back then she wasn’t pushed to hide her curvaceous hips and breasts. He agreed and said she was very hot too, to which I greed.

I said, “Well you know she was a size 14, right?”

“So she was overweight then,” he said with a nod, then his face screwed up in disgust. “I can’t believe I just said that! We JUST GOT DONE talking about how she was healthy and had curves!”

“It’s because of…”

“The media,” he said, sighing. “Wow.”

This is what the media and society does to everyone. It shoves unhealthy body images in our face 24/7 to the point where our first reaction is to say someone of healthy weight and body type is overweight even when logically we know differently.

There are many healthy body types, weights, and heights. Don’t let the media and society shame you to unhealthiness.