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I wouldn’t want to pass as male, I just wish I didn’t have breasts lol. I’m going to try and get a reduction in the next six months. I’d get full top surgery if I wasn’t married to a man obsessed with breasts, but I’ll be happy with going down to a size I can hide if I want put on a binder.

I really like tits, but mine are difficult to live with. They’re big and I’m sure I have more back and shoulder problems because of them. I don’t think I’d want a reduction just because my body is fairly proportionate.

A breast reduction sounds nice though. A friend of my aunt’s got one and she said it was the best thing she ever did. Hers were so big she had to special order bras and everything she wore looked odd because she had these giant knockers but a trim waist, small arms and legs. She’s so much happier now, and they’re still a very generous size even though they’re probably half as big as before.

Her husband encouraged her to do it. He enjoyed the bigger ones, but he could see how uncomfortable it was for her.

I hope you get your body to where you’re more comfortable with it 🙂

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