never do i wish for the metric system more than when i’m working with jewelry

Because look at this. This is insane. Only professional piercers can remember some of this, and even then they’ll get confused at times. Is 5/16″ bigger or smaller than 1/4″?

Well how about you do some math in your head (piercers and tattoo artists suck at math) first instead of just being able to say yeah 8mm is bigger than 6mm!


5/32″ – 4mm
3/16″ – 5mm
1/4″ – 6mm
5/16″ – 8mm
3/8″ – 10mm
7/16″ – 11mm
15/32″ – 12mm
1/2″ – 13mm
9/16″ – 14mm
5/8″ – 16mm
11/16″ – 18mm
3/4″ – 19mm
13/16″ – 20mm
7/8″ – 22mm
15/16″ – 24mm
1″ – 25mm
1-1/16″ – 26mm
1-1/8″ – 28mm
1-1/4″ – 32mm
1-5/16″ – 33mm
1-3/8″ – 35mm
1-7/16″ – 36mm
1-5/8″ – 41mm
1-11/16″ – 42mm
1-3/4″ – 44mm
1-3/16″ – 46mm
1-7/8″ – 48mm
2″ – 50mm

I stopped at 2″ because I think you get the idea. But YIKES. Now check out the gauges! And yeah, gauge numbers getting smaller while actual size is getting bigger confuses almost ALL customers to the point where they argue with you.

20g – 0.8mm
18g – 1mm
16g – 1.2mm
14g – 1.6mm
12g – 2mm
10g – 2.5mm
8g –
6g – 4mm
4g – 5mm
2g – 6mm
0g – 8mm
00g – 10mm
once it’s bigger than 00g, then we start in with 7/16″ – 11mm and so on.

Can we just vote the metric system in already?! For my everyone’s sanity?!!

Daith piercings and their effects on migraines is something you may have heard of, but there’s so much false information out there that you might be skeptical of it and wonder if it really works. I’ve hesitated recommending it because I don’t want to sell it as a guaranteed cure only to disappoint people, but …

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Can you rec any good glass brands? What are the breakage risks?

I get most of my jewelry through PainfulPleasuresDOTcom. They sell to the public and they also have discount codes if you watch up in the banner section. BodyVibeDOTcom has good stuff, but I can’t remember if they sell to the public. BodyCandyDOTcom sells to the public and has some glass jewelry.

It’s called either borosilicate, gorilla glass (which is a brand name), or just glass body jewelry.

I’ve been wearing glass jewelry now for three years. I’ve broken a grand total of two pieces. They’ve been dropped many times onto cement, tile, and pool decking – I’m 5′ 8″. One time I even tried to grab it and sent it flying and it STILL didn’t break.

The super small jewelry and super big jewelry breaks easier than the in between sizes. I’m at 2g and almost nothing breaks it. My favorite are the double flare plugs and the spiral tapers (those are very pretty). The taper spirals have a greater chance of breaking – those are the two pieces that broke, but they hit right on the pointed end and chipped off about 1/8 of the spiral. It doesn’t shatter because it’s gorilla glass, so no worries about shards with your little ones’ bare feet around.

If you’re planning on stretching more than you already are, be very careful since glass jewelry is SO easy to slide in, people tend to split the skin when they stretch too quickly.

In bigger gauges, glass is heavy enough it’ll continue to stretch your ears, so taking them out every night will stop that. But that doesn’t start until 2g. Leaving mine out at night keeps the holes the right size and the skin gets to breathe.

How do you feel about septum piercings? I am thinking about biting the bullet!

Personally, I think they kinda seem like more trouble than they’re worth.

However!!! There’s this funny thing that seems to happen to a lot of people when they get them: They feel empowered by them!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve seen it in a lot of people, including my cousin. She has allergies and is actually really annoyed by the thing, but she keeps it because of this empowerment feeling she has when she wears it. She feels more pretty and confident.

It doesn’t matter what gender the person is either. That empowerment is there for everybody I’ve met who has a septum piercing.

You’re going to have to clean it daily even after it’s healed, and it does get crusty from snot/boogers and smells bad at times, but if you get a good piece of jewelry made of titanium or surgical stainless steel, it should help with that.

Glass jewelry is pretty awesome because it’s almost self-cleaning. I know it sounds odd, but it just doesn’t get stinky, and glass jewelry is very pretty.

If you get it done, make sure it’s with a reputable place. A lot of people assume the needle is pushed through that harder tissue at the front, but if you stick your fingers into your nose and squeeze the septum between two fingers, you’ll feel this little spot behind the thicker part where it’s soft and thin. That’s where the septum ring will go. Anybody who wants to put it in the front part doesn’t know what they’re doing and it’ll hurt like hell.

The good thing about septum piercings is you can take it out if you decide you really don’t like it and it’ll heal over very well, so why not at least try it? You might really like it 🙂


I want a cartilage piercing really bad, but my family would freak the fuck out and I don’t want to have to deal with that, so I guess I’ll just settle with faux ones until I’m not so anxious about it

I don’t know if you would want to put this much effort into it, but
at my shop we sell “retainers” which are either flesh-colored or clear
bioplast (plastic that’s okay to be used on humans) and you can leave
them in when around your family, then switch it out when you’re away
from home.

A lot of people buy them because of family and also because of jobs that
require no more than X amount of piercings. We even carry them for tongue piercings 🙂

Here’s an example. They come in all shapes and sizes.