Giveaway Winners


We have not had a lot of luck with giving away prizes to our giveaway winners.

Please contact us by 15th December to claim your prize or we will add the prizes to our list again and we will be relaunching the giveaway next year.

First Prize Winners

You win a gift from this list – Please select a gift and contact myself  @mayalaen or you can send a message to our inbox at coldesthits!!





Second Prize Winners

Please let us know what you’d like from this list:

  • custom header (any fandom, any band, any game, any subject)
  • custom avatar (any content you want)
  • captioned screencaps (tell us the fandom/characters/pairing(s) you want and maybe a joke or a Cheesy Pick-Up Line)
  • custom banner for your fic (send us a link to your fic)
  • custom banner for your blog post (for a contest/challenge or a follow forever or whatever – tell us what you want it to say and what content you’d like)





If you have claimed your prize already, please disregard this post.  Fishie has just been confused again and this happen all the time so she apologises!