Good Pet



This fic was made for the Wincest reverse bang challange.

Artist: @darklittleheart96

I wanted to thank @samanddeaninpanties for helping me write this fic!


   The bed under Dean was soft and plush. The sheets cool and
smooth as Dean rolled over, skin sliding along the silk. It was one of
the few things he got to enjoy in Hell. Sometimes it was good to be the
brother of the King. It meant that Dean got to enjoy certain luxuries. 

   Dean’s eyes opened fully when he heard the door to the bedroom
slam shut. He looked up to see Sam enter the room. His yellow eyes were
dark. More of a honeyed amber than yellow. He looked around the room in
irritation before his eyes landed on Dean. 

   Dean had been Sam’s pet for long enough that he knew what to
say and when to say it to appease him. Normally Dean would just call Sam
Sir but sometimes when Sam was in a mood like this, Dean needed to
remind him that he knew exactly who Sam was. The Boy King. Reigning King
of Hell. 

   “Good Morning, Highness,” Dean said. He slid out of the bed
and got on his knees for Sam. He may have luxuries and he may be allowed
to do things that no other demon dared, but being the King’s lover was
sometimes tricky, especially when anger sparked in the air around Sam
like a brewing storm. 

   “Dean.” Sam bit out the name like a curse. Had Dean been
human, he might have flinched at the tone. Luckily he was a demon like
his brother so he stayed stone still at Sam’s feet. 

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new fic: it fades

Happy Birthday, @samanddeaninpanties!

Pairing(s): Sam/Dean/Meg in various combinations and they have fun with OMCs and OFCs.
Word Count: 4k
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
Tags: noncon, dubcon, incestkink, fucking, blowjobs, humiliation, sexinpublic, voyeurism, exhibitionism, murder, torture, eventual boyking!Sam, eventual demon!Dean, fingering, eating out, rimming, deals/fix-it, object insertion, spanking, dark fic

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A/N: This is a birthday fic for Tori, and it’s a little long to post here, so check it out on AO3 🙂