I wish people would tag whether John is written as an asshole in their fic rec lists! I hate reading a really great fic, then BAM asshole John. I hit exit so fast.

If you see the tag “John Winchester’s A+ parenting” don’t even bother reading it. I learned that the hard way.

Yes this.

I don’t even bother if “abuse” is one of the tags. It might be abuse from someone else that’s in the fic, but most likely it’s John if he’s in the fic.

And then there are awesome writers like Dodger Winslow who writes amazing John fic. He’s in-character, not flowery, and loves the hell out of his boys.

Check the Master List, but one of my favorites is Open Your Eyes, especially because you think he’s being an asshole. I only got through the first 1/3 or so of this fic because I trusted Dodger Winslow’s love of John Winchester (and I also love hurt Dean), but if this fic is too much check out the other stuff 🙂