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*low five* lol. oh nooo, edibles are dangerous. i hope you survive ok. also feel free to high!blog any of my fics 😀

As far as i know you can’t overdose on weed. i can’t consume 1500 pounds of it in 15 minutes, whichj is what they’d ve recently discovered is the toxic limit toxicity limit? WHatever. That’s the dose that’ll kill ya. i’ve only had two cummgies.

and for as paranoid as i am in daily lie, vfor some reason i’m not paranoid at all on weed. no worires. i’ll just be csuper high for a while.

replied to your post “fair warning – mayahighblogs”

i love you maya, i’m also high!blogging tonight so you’re in good company 😀 tho i’m not live blogging anything because i don’t have the uh, mental capacity for that lol


Yeah i just did something you should never do – i had a second helping of edibles.

Listen up kids! Edibles take a while to hit, and you’re gonna take soem and think it’s doing nothing, so you’re gonna have an urge to take more. DONT”E DO IT!!! It’s a trap.

You take a second one like i did a few minutes ago and BAM!!! Amacked in the face wibht an edibple high that’s a lil higher htan yoyu thought it would be.

Always wait an hour to an hour and a half before consuming more, kids! Oh, and odn’t do drugs stay in chool. i’m not advocavint child drugs here. Once youre an adult, remmeber my advice thought.

i forgot i was talking to @braezenkitty 😀

Okay WEEDBUDES UNITE! *low five because i don’t wanna reach up that high


Next up is The Blood! by @samanddeaninpanties

Jo has been coping with an old trauma by isolating from everyone she ever cared about. Then, while on a case, Jo runs into an almost-one-night-stand. A blast from the past.

The problem? They’re a werewolf and Jo’s a hunter. Which means Jo needs to kill them. Right?

Or fuck them. She could always do that.