April Fools



With the conclusion of the Feb round, it is time to look ahead to the future. Would you guys be interested in doing something for April Fools?

Some of the ideas Floating around include:

1. A spncoldestremix round, where players chose a fic from the coldesthits collection on ao3 and re-interpret it through fic/art/poetry/whatever. I can help ask the original authors for permission to remix. Plot twist: most points wins.


2. A 100 word round robin ficlet. I throw the start of a fic of 100 words on this blog, you guys continue/change the story with your own contribution of 100 words. We’ll end up with like a big fic that can be posted to the coldesthits collection on ao3. Of course you can jump in with any ship you want.


Just a simple gif war of some kind, no writing …


Some better idea you have…

Cutthroat Fiction: Participants submit pairings, tropes, and settings (as many as they want) and then call a number. Mod then hands out that many of the randomly selected suggestions, in any combination (Can you imagine getting High School, S8 Canon Divergent, and Catboy AU, all at once?) 

Ooohhh nice