three fictional characters

What three fictional characters are you most like? Copy/Paste this into a new post and tell us!

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Dr. Daniel Pierce/Perception: He’s a high-functioning
schizophrenic, and even though there were several times I didn’t see it
(because how self-aware can a person be really?), my mom and I giggled
through the whole series because a lot of what he says and does is so
me. He’s even pretty accepting of his hallucinations like I am, though
he freaks out more over them than I do, and he definitely pays more
attention to them/interacts, and I don’t.

Dexter Morgan/Dexter: I found myself identifying with him only 30 seconds into the show, and that only got stronger as time went on. Disconnected from those around me because I’m different in the fundamental ways that make humans human, but I can kinda fake it as long as people don’t get too close.

Walter White/Breaking Bad:
My morals are… well, let’s just say that I can see myself sliding down that slippery slope Walter did with no problem. I’m stubborn, I’ll put in the work, and I’m super loyal when given a reason to be, especially when the only ones getting hurt are the ones who knew what they were getting into in the first place.

and yeah i always identify with men and castiel should’ve made this list

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