Anyone actually done breathplay stuff? I need help!!

(Ftr I would advise you don’t do it cuz that shit is dangerous!!! But you do you!!!)

@destimushi have we talked about this?

Maybe @mayalaen? I know she’s done way more kink than I have…

I’ve done a lot of breathplay, both manual (hands) and with toys (regulators, etc.). If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Experiences are different depending on where you live and what you’re into, so my knowledge isn’t absolute fact everywhere, but I can offer what I know 🙂

I own my own business and will be adulting the rest of the day, so might not be able to get back to you until tonight or whenever work allows.

I’m also gonna tag @formidablepassion in case she has some info to offer too.


Title: Okay

Pairing: SamxClaire

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 1,191

Notes: Choking, Breath play, Rough sex

A broad hand clapped over her mouth and nose, quieting the noises she was making, smothering her. She couldn’t breath through the close hold of his warm hand, his fingers pinching her nose closed, but he didn’t stop moving. Fucking her senseless. One strong arm around her waist keeping her in place as he shoved into her.


Her eyes started to water and her chest burned as he kept the frenetic pace and kept his hand locked on her face. Growing weak with it, body tingling loosely as the pleasure still surged through her, his fucking huge cock pressing hard and rough into her, she forced her groans to quiet down to little whimpers.

“There you go, Claire, that’s good.”

Sliding his hand down off her face, Claire sucked in a breath, gasping for air and the sudden swell of it in her chest was so fucking good, flooded her system and made her glow hot as he curled long fingers around her neck and shoved hard enough that the washing machine scraped over concrete floor.

Sam stilled, gripped her waist painfully tight and pulled her closer to the edge of the washing machine that hummed noisily under them and vibrated. Tracing his thumb up one side of her neck, he watched as Claire bit her lip, bit back any noises and folded her arms over his shoulders, holding tighter, rolling her hips against him.

Long hair fell messily across his face on one side, still tucked behind his ear on the other, the fabric of his shirt something to ball into her fists as he snapped his hips again driving deep. Ankles locked in the small of his back, Claire leaned back into his hold and squeezed her thighs to keep him trapped.

“Fuck, right there Sam…”

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