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By optical output do you mean an HDMI port?

@buffenator​, nope. HDMI is on pretty much all laptops now and they carry audio and video.

This is an optical port and only high-end laptops have them, last I checked.

And this is the cable for it

It only carries sound by way of fiberoptics. I’m really into music and I also mess with tracks in a few programs.

Even though I have some hearing loss in my left ear and some speech discrimination issues, I have an ear for music from both sides of my family, and optical cables mean the least amount of electronic interference to my sound system and amazing sound quality.

You may have seen the optical cord before, but it’s very small and most people just toss them in the garbage when they get a TV or computer.

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@mayalaen I would always read anything you write, but I would especially read (if
you’re talking moresomes) DeanMegstiel, DeanJimstiel, or Wincestiel.
Just, you know, if you need a jumping off point.

@buffenator, thank you!

Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve written Dean/Castiel/Jimmy. Huh.

Stuff About Me


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I was tagged by the amazingly gorgeous (I now have a pic as proof) @dadstiel-n-sammy. Thank you!!

Name: Maya
Nickname: The guys at the shop will sometimes call me Ms. Maya
Gender: Female
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′ 8.5"
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hogwarts House: I have no idea. I’ve never seen/read Harry Potter
Favorite color: Dark Purple
Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours
Lucky Number: I don’t really have one
Last thing I googled: Gordon Walker. I thought his last name was Walker, but I just wanted to check and make sure.
Number of blankets I sleep with: One
Favorite fictional characters:
Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dexter, Franky Doyle, Raymon Reddington, and I still insist Danneel Ackles is fictional because damn.
Favorite book: Sphere by Michael Crichton or Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King – I can never choose!
Favorite bands/Musical artists: I like a very wide variety of music. My favorites are Mudvayne, Slipknot, Evans Blue, Breaking Benjamin, Casey Stratton, Pink, Seether, Apocalyptica, Green Day, Keane, and LOTS of others.
Dream trip: I wanna stay hooooome 😀
Dream Job: I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to understand that it was something you could do for a living.
When did you create your blog: Created December 2014, but I didn’t start using it until May 2015
Amount of followers: 364
What do you post about: Mostly Supernatural, but there’s also AtS/BtVS, The Blacklist, Sherlock BBC, Wentworth, Orange is the New Black, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, X-Men, Stargate Atlantis, and anything else that I feel like posting. Oh, and Danneel Ackles.
Do you have any other blogs: I’ve got a porn blog, MayalaenInRed.
When did your blog reach its “peak”: My blog steadily gains followers. No big jumps up or dips down 🙂
Who is your most active follower: @pod7et @samanddeaninpanties @reaperlove77 and @angrysouffle
What made you decide to get a tumblr: I signed up because I usually do that everywhere under this name just in case. A few months later I was poking around and saw @majesticduxk was here (know her from LJ), and so I started using it more and more.
Why did you choose your URL: It’s my first name followed by something to make it unique on the internet. My favorite letter/sound combo is ae 🙂

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I don’t have either of those conditions but I do have other conditions that the meds don’t agree with each other. I understand those feels.

Meds are so fun, aren’t they? 😀

My grandma took about four different things that interacted with each other and she just didn’t care. She was extremely stubborn and if a doctor tried to tell her they interacted she was like “They can fight it out inside my body and the stronger medication will win.”

Yeah, my grandma was stubborn, and so are the rest of us 😀