I’m going to gush a bit over the tonight’s episode. Because I still really like this show and I’m being a dork 😀

  • Cas
    being a dork and being helpful/getting used to find Sam and Mary
    getting a dose of how awkward he can be but it looked like she thought
    it was cute!
  • Dean shoving food into his face and his mom doing the whole mom thing about it!
  • I’m a little confused over the end!verse pic Mary was looking at. I don’t know if they accidentally used it or… Whatever it is I’ll keep an eye out for it.
  • BAMF!Mary, if I hadn’t mentioned it yet.
  • Rowena
    being totally adorable and sneaky and Crowley and they just make me
    sigh with happy feels because they’re so ridiculous but also cute!
  • Cas doing the whole confused over humans thing while still helping them and being totally adorable.
  • Dean and Sam watching as Mary learns new stuff and trying not to insult her but still finding it cute.

Yes, I like the show. A lot.

Okay, now onto a part I will put under the cut for me getting about as close to wanky as I can get (which is not much and isn’t really about the show itself)

I’m trying REALLY really hard to like Rick Springfield. I’ve never liked his acting, thought he was total shit at it, but now he’s on Supernatural and since I’m the type that likes everybody on a show if I like the show itself, so I’m… struggling.

When I saw the announcement about him being on the show I was disappointed, and then they said who he was going to be playing and I actually whined out loud, but I figured I’d just go with it, see what they did with him, but…


I can do this! I can like him! REALLY! Just wATCH ME DO THIS!
I like Rick Springfield.
His acting is amazing.
He can be sexy and scary at the same time.
Because Rick Springfield is Sexy McSexypants.
And Scary McScarypants.
He will fit in well with the Supernatural crew and I won’t care at all that Mark Pellegrino isn’t playing Lucifer anymore.
His acting skills are amAZING!!!!1!11!1one!