whining about socks

I really like wearing socks. I’d wear them all the time if it wasn’t so hot here in the summer.

My favorite brand is Hanes, and I love the men’s crew socks. I wear mostly the black ones, but I’ve got a bunch of white ones too. I don’t have other socks because these are ridiculously comfy, I hate matching up socks, and did I mention they’re SUPER COMFY?!

They’re so awesome that my whole family wears them. My uncle’s wife doesn’t even bother buying her own, she just wears my uncle’s, which looks adorable because they’re like 5 sizes too big on her little feet 😀

But in the last 1-2 years Hanes decided to cut back on their quality instead of upping the prices, so now their men’s crew socks feel like men’s dress socks.

I dunno if you’ve ever felt men’s dress socks, but it’s like… imagine very thin, very nylon, very uncomfortable/not fluffy cases that you wrap your feet in and it makes your feet sweat. Good? No. And my current stash of the old comfy style is slowly but surely getting holes in them.

So I has a sad.