You know Hitters, we have not had a Wincest fic yet …

*shifty eyes* @majesticduxk @thedropoutandthejunkie @mayalaen @bendoverandbiteyourgag @wincestismyguiltypleasure *eyebrow waggle*

I have noticed the lack thereof!

*blithely ignores the fact they haven’t written anything*

Clearly a gap that needs filling

Oh, trust, I’m on this, guys.

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But how do you write Wincest that gets almost no hits or kudos?

When I wrote the Zachariah/Becky/Bela fic, I went into AO3 and searched for fics with the least amount of hits + most amount of tags. Scat was a given for unpopular, but diaper wearing was very unpopular too, as was femslash in general. Add in a daddy kink with a creepy older guy and I thought I had the recipe for success.  I underestimated my awesome readers, though. They’re totally awesome and read pretty much anything I throw at them 🙂

Oh, and even though you’re going for Wincest, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a third or fourth person. Mwahahaha >:D

See, I could easily include other ships… But I don’t think I can go for those tags.

Hahaha, no, I didn’t mean you should write those same things. I was simply suggesting checking out AO3 and what the least popular stuff was and incorporating that 🙂

No, please don’t follow in my footsteps with that one 😛

See this is my problem. Every time I think, ‘okay I’ve probably crossed the line for my readers with this fic, oh god.’ … .I get a ton of feedback. I’m entirely prepared to lose this cause apparently my readers are up for anything lmao.

Yup, that’s why with the last one I went ahead and wrote a non-crack fic, one I felt like writing and was hot and my favorite RPS pairing. I can’t scare off my readers (which is actually really awesome), so why fight it? I’ll just have fun and try to work more on sabotaging everyone else in the challenge instead >:D

This game is super unpredictable guys! You draw the the line at how far you are willing to push your subscribers/followers and also what you want to do with the challenge: write a truly terrifying fic that you are gonna wish you can delete or write something you love and hope that golden rule for great fic undeservedly getting minimal hits kicks in for you.

I’ve tried: writing with unpopular characters (metatron featured heavily first time we had this comp), writing a very vanilla boring fic that made no sense full of used cliches, writing really random sci fi rpf, writing rpf of writers in this competition using a pseud so there are no subscribers … I honestly have so much HATRED for this competition, it is NOT GOOD for you as a writer or a reader and I don’t know why we still do this after three months except it’s the funnest thing ever.