My asshole cousin just called to tell us she’s pregnant with her second child. That means we’ll soon be raising two asshole kids from my asshole cousin, not just one.

Pregnancy should be a joyous occasion, and it’s really fucking sad that my mom and I just had to take Ativan after hearing the news as we’re trying to get my cousin’s other kid to stop eavesdropping.

I didn’t have kids because I don’t want them, my parents only had one, my uncle and his wife had three kids and raised them and they’re all adults, yet we’re stuck now raising this 9-year-old and soon we’ll have a baby.

It’s really shitty that my asshole cousin is so fucking selfish and doesn’t care about how it affects anyone else. She doesn’t want to do the work. She never even took care of the 9-year-old when he was a baby and has had limited contact with him since where she doesn’t do anything for him, her husband takes are of him.

I’m really hoping something changes and we can give them back the kid we’re raising and never even start raising this new one.

I need a distraction

A few of them, actually, because I’m not doing well. I’m going to look through my drafts and see if I can post some mindless silly stuff, and I’m also going to post the Altered Fates ‘Verse, which is a continuation of Under His Wing.

If anyone wants to distract me with silly stuff, PLEASE do so.