replied to your post “samanddeaninpanties:
@mayalaen what about them? I don’t think I said…”

If you were easy I would have gotten you when I had a ginormous crush on you lol

See, this is how much of a dork I am. I had no idea you had a huge crush on me.

Flirting and playing around comes naturally, especially when I don’t realize a person is into me. Once I realize they’re into me (and it takes them saying it because I’m THAT big of a dork and can’t pick up on even not-so-subtle social cues), then I get dorkier and my flirting/charming thing is kinda pathetic because then I’m all “THEY LIKE ME I MUST PERFORM” as if they didn’t already like me and I have to continue winning them over.

Sorry about that :