replied to your post “hide the food”

i’m now picturing my boyfriend oozing stuff. thanks lol

You’re welcome 😉

he can ooze other stuff too but it has nothing to do with diabetes 😛

I mean yes he can but you know what I was talking about 😛

I did, but have you ever known me to NOT say more stupid shit? I can’t just leave it all serious and stuff. It’s a physical need to say more stupid shit and hopefully make you roll your eyes at me and chuckle.

Did it work? 😀

of course it did but me being me (and chaotic) I wonder what he oozes and if it’s edibile and how good it tastes

I should mention the last game of D&D I played I had a halfling rogue that licked the walls of a dimensional portal bc it looked like chocolate. 

I don’t wanna think about it too much with my aunt, but maybe check with the bf and see if all three of you can experiment with what parts taste best. It’ll be very hard for him, I’m sure, but keep reminding him it’s for science!