When you keep wanting to fill a prompt for the spnkinkmeme, but who the OP wants to top and bottom doesn’t match your preferences










there has been a massive shift to top!dean on that meme -it’s one reason I haven’t been filling so many. But! take a look back! it’s pretty interesting going back, and like I said – people track and follow the memes 🙂

@majesticduxk, yeah, I’m definitely not giving up 😉 I’ve found a few cool things already. What’s confusing me the most right now is top!Dean for Wincest, but a lot of top!Sam for Sastiel. xD You’d think it’d be the other way around, jeez. I might have to try the Sastiel, I dunno. It’s just hard ‘cause I picture Cas so completely toppy, you know? With a lot of these he’s just. NOT BAMF, omg. And then with a lot of the Wincestiel they seem to want Cas subby as well??? Like, I get its all about preferences! I just wish there was more variety, is all.

I was about to post this anyway, but I’ve been saving prompts as bookmarks for a few years now. I moved them over to my Pinboard account. You can check them out if you want. I didn’t start tagging for anything other than three basic categories until recently.

People are getting so crazy about top/bottom and so demanding that I’ve started saving every single prompt as a bookmark because I like a lot of the ideas, but I’d rather not write for people who are THAT picky. I’ll use them as a starting point or whatever, and if my fic sounds like something they’d like or they don’t sound very demanding I’ll post it, but… yeah.

We try to delete all the bullshit we can, but the anons are even rough on the taggers. Just a few weeks back I had a hard time with an anon that was flipping out because the fill showed a “bottom” Jared who “topped” Jensen when in actuality Jensen was the alpha/dominant in a forced relationship where Jared fought back. There was this huge thing and I was talking back and forth with the mods and trying to tag this fucking thing right while the anon was flipping out. It’s like… do you KNOW what topping and bottoming really means? Do you realize someone can be a top and still still give someone else a blowjob? It strikes me as so fucking sexist even though it’s a gay ship.

I really don’t care about top/bottom myself (my favorite is actually switching), but I gotta say that all the harassment from the anons on the meme have made me a little touchy while I’m browsing the meme and I find myself getting annoyed by all the “bottom!____ ONLY!!!1!!” and “no reposting with changes.” I find it strange people get so entitled when it’s just a prompt. It’s an idea and should be a starting point for a writer.

It should feel like fun for the writer to fill it and it should feel like a fun gift for the prompter to receive it.


Wow, the pinboard is so useful! I never followed kinkmeme because I’m too disorganized to make sense of it in the format it’s in. But maybe now I’ll be able to! Thank you!

Also, as an aside, I’m one of those people from whom the totally wrong stereotype that bi people just can’t make a decision probably comes from, lol. I’m bi/switch/poly & I like all kinds of other mashed together stuff too. I just totally am unable to understand why people get so hyped about their preferences, including exclusive ship preferences & exclusive top/bottom preference in fics. Like, to me, it seems self-evident that if it’s good one way, you should try it a bunch of other ways too & see what happens. So, yeah, people getting all freaked out about “Dean shouldn’t top” or whatever; I just don’t get it?

>It strikes me as so fucking sexist even though it’s a gay ship.

Yep me too, me too so much. Heteronormative.

I could be wrong, but my (strongly held) guess is that mostly people who get all freaked out about say, things like someone who’s topping giving a blow job, in fact really don’t know how shit actually works in RL. Like, if they’ve never been in the actual situation themselves or been corrected by someone who has, then they just don’t have the experience to know any better, they only know what they’ve been heteronomatively programmed to know & what they’ve read.

That’s part of why uncommon dynamics/pairing combos in fic make me so happy. In addition to enjoying them for their own sake, each one takes a little brick out of the wall of heteronomative bullshit, so hopefully it can collapse for more people more easily.

Cool! I’m glad the Pinboard bookmarks can be useful to someone! LiveJournal is a different kind of format, but I’ve been on there since 2004, so I’m used to it 🙂

I’m pansexual myself, but even so it’s extremely rare that I find people IRL who are exclusively top or bottom with the definitions set up by the anons on SPNKinkMeme. In fact anybody who has that attitude is usually avoided by me and people I play with because they’re assholes ;D

I can understand having preference (even if I don’t really have them myself when it comes to topping and bottoming and domming and subbing), but to get so crazy and demanding and… I just don’t get it.

It might also be because I’m pansexual and just like sex in general any way I can get it, but I seem to find mostly people who don’t care what goes where. I’ve known plenty of gay and lesbian couples or moresomes who just do whatever they feel like with no set top or bottom. There are plenty that prefer not to get fucked in the ass or pussy or maybe they don’t like giving blowjobs or whatever, but I just don’t get this overwhelming sense of “THIS ONE ONLY GETS FUCKED IN THE ASS!!!” from anybody but bigots and anons who loudly and obnoxiously complain about what should and shouldn’t be.

I wish we could delete all the bullshit at the SPNKinkMeme, but there’s a fine line between trying to police something and totally ruling it with an iron fist 🙂

My bookmarks never include a top/bottom designation – just as a warning when you’re looking through my bookmarks because I wouldn’t want to offend you with the “wrong” top or bottom showing up 😉

I think that instead of having 1-2 only new posts a year, they should 1-2 reprompt posts a year.

and it got all SO confusing with the reprompt/repost/re… the other one.

I like having the link back to the original, and I think people can go check it out themselves.

I feel awkward adding to this but I KNOW HOW THIS FEELS especially with the ‘only bottom x’ thing so here’s a bunch of bottom!Dean prompts I collected awhile back. It’s mostly destiel with a few other ships. <3

ooh! thank you! that has some good things on it! (I can even see a couple of my prompts, I think!)

@gankyourdarlings, I hope you don’t mind I bookmarked your doc for later perusal 😀