inside jokes

My family has tons of them, and because we choose to laugh at our problems, we have a twisted sense of humor, and most of us are fucked in the head, there’s some really wild ones that are multiple levels deep. One of my favorites is:

Brown Soup

  1. most people use the whole Jim Jones “drink the Kool-Aid” to say you’re following something/someone unquestionably, but my family has always used it as “let’s all drink the poison and die as a group”
  2. my mom has bad memory issues, especially when trying to make jokes, so she started saying “drink the red juice” because she couldn’t remember Kool-Aid
  3. my uncle had a traumatic brain injury and his word-finding skills aren’t good, among other things, so three months after said brain injury he was trying to remember how to say “drink the red juice” but all he could think of was “brown soup” so he kept repeating it, frustrated by how long it took us to figure it out and ended up in bed with a migraine because of it, which only made him joke about it more ‘cause that’s how we roll
  4. because we’re all fucked in the head and sometimes death seems like a relief for that, we now use it as a comforting thing – “aww, it’s okay, when it’s time we’ll all drink the brown soup together” and we have a good giggle over it and it lifts our spirits a bit
  5. someone overheard us once and (of course) got offended even though they were the ones eavesdropping, so we’ve shortened it to “it’s a brown soup day” when we’re having a really bad mental day and just want everything to stop
  6. that progressed to, when a family member asks “can I get you anything?” on a bad day we’ll respond “brown soup”

Laughing keeps us as sane as we are, even though we’re not really all that sane to begin with 😛