it’s fun listening to ryan’s client

B (the client) is proud of his family’s religion, and his father is a deacon in the orthodox church.

Ever since Ryan became a huge Supernatural fan, he has to be a little shit and play SPN whenever B gets tattooed. And don’t ask me how the deacon dad is okay with his son getting tons of tattoos or the son himself being okay with it because I don’t know. It’s a huge full back piece that’s eventually going to cover his entire torso, both arms, and maybe even his legs. It’s, of course, a religious tattoo.

Aaanyway, Ryan purposely pushes little things while they’re watching SPN. Angels, demons, spells, heaven and hell, etc. just to get B riled so he goes off on these long rants about what’s “real” and what just doesn’t fit and how stupid this or that is or how hey the SPN writers got this right aren’t they cool or whatever.

Right now he’s heatedly informing Ryan that the holy water doesn’t work like that. It can’t just be anybody blessing it.

Ryan poked him back with a “well yeah but Sam and Dean are probably like ordained or whatever because they’ve been doing this for a long time.”

That set B off on another rant about how Sam and Dean aren’t holy enough to do that even if they were at one time ordained.

Ryan will most likely poke back soon, but B’s not done with this current rant yet. This is fun 😀

is it real?!

I can’t tell where sound is coming from, so when something started beeping in the shop (6 beeps every 60 seconds) I had to go outside and ask the guys to come in and tell me where it was coming from.

They come in and nope, they don’t hear it. I’m like… this is really loud are you sure it… oh, it’s me? Yup, okay. I’ll just ignore it, thank you!

The beeping continues for 7 minutes before Lee and Ryan start gigging in the hallway. I come out of the office in time to see Ryan heading for the alarm by the front door saying “I can’t do it anymore!” and he punches in the disarm code. all three of us double over laughing because yup they heard it the whole time and no it wasn’t a hallucination on my part 😀

Ryan has always joked about how it would be fun to do shit like that to me, but he’s such a sweetheart that he’s never been able to follow through with it – he said he would make him feel awful. Lee talked him into it this time. It was awesome!

dunno why the alarm is acting up but thankfully when it does there’s a code to tell it to shut the fuck up



Title Fumbled
Link AO3
Square Filled DeanJohnSam
Ship Unintended DeanJohnSam
Rating Teen Up
Tags Cursed Sam, Sex Curse, No Sex, Sam Is So Done, Sam is Seventeen Years Old, Sam Is Scarred For Life, Sam is Not Amused, Sam is the Voice of Reason, Sam Has To Think On His Feet
Summary Things you do not do: throw boxes that come from haunted houses once owned by witches. Or: that one time Sam has to leg it because of a sex curse.
Word Count 1394
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo​.

Reasons to get out of hunting were many and huge as far as Sam was concerned when he finally went off to Stanford for a shot at a normal life. His father and Dean always acted like the worst things that ever happened were just minor inconveniences, trivialities that were to be overcome and then forgotten… until the next time the same monster turned up and then you conveniently remembered how to gank them or pray that your journal had the facts.

What his dad and brother never discussed were the cases where things were more complicated than just a simple stab-monster-in-this-spot-with-this-blade deal. Like that one time Dean had thrown a box at Sam when he hadn’t been expecting it, while they were packing up after a haunting, grabbing their things from their motel room.

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