Soulmate AUs with a Twist

I love those soulmate AUs, but I’d like even more variety in sexuality.

  • Character A can’t see blue OR brown, and nobody knows why until A meets B and C and falls madly in love with them both, finally seeing both blue and brown for the first time.
  • A guy wonders why instead of just 23 on his arm, it says 2327.  No way his soulmate could be 2327 years old when they meet (are vampires real?!), and he’s surprised when he meets his TWO soulmates, ages 23 and 27.
  • A girl doesn’t know why her soulmate’s name is very feminine, and she stares at her wrist, wondering who she’ll meet until she hits her teen years and realizes she’s more into girls than guys.
  • A boy thinks his soulmate is dead because his marking never shows up, but then he realizes he’s an aromantic asexual who has no desire to live with someone, and he sees he’s not broken, his soulmate’s not dead, but that everything is just right.
  • A woman can’t figure out why her soulmate is wearing the name Christopher when her name is clearly Crystal, and suddenly he realizes he’s been lying to himself all these years, that he’s let other people tell him he should be a she, and really he’s Christopher, and his soulmate is perfectly happy to help him on his journey through surgery and getting his name legally changed.
  • A guy is teased when he’s little because his tattoo is so strange with thick lines intertwined with really thin lines, which no one has seen before in his small town, and then he meets his genderfluid soulmate.
  • A woman thinks she’s going to meet her soulmate who coincidentally has the same name as she does, but she’s not looking forward to it because she just doesn’t feel any attraction to ANYBODY, masturbating alone and dreading the day she is chained to someone else, and then she realizes she’s autosexual, that the name on her wrist doesn’t belong to anyone else.
  • A man’s friends all talk about the day they’ll meet their soulmates, how they can’t wait to find out what fucking them is like because it’s supposed to be perfect sex and compatibility, but he has no desire to have sex even though romantically the idea of a soulmate just makes his heart swell, so he’s delighted when his soulmate turns out to be asexual too, both of them loving the romance, devotion, and friendship they share.

If anybody uses any of these or even if these just spark your creativity, please let me know because I’d love to read them!