Fic: Fill Me Up So I Don’t Forget


Title: Fill Me Up So I Don’t Forget (also on AO3)

Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester

Rating: M

Word count:

Warnings/Tags: possessive!sam, butt plugs, sex toys, flirting, established relationship,mild dub com, d/s undertones,

Summary: Dean knows that Sam has a few issues… well, ok, all the issues are about him. But he could just talk to Dean. He doesn’t need to be quite so hands on.

a/n this is for the @spnkinkbingo square sex toys. Many many thanks to @disizletzi for the beta! All remaining mistakes are my own. I don’t own the boys. I just like to play with them.


Dean didn’t willingly hand over the keys. It wasn’t that Sam was a bad driver… but he was in a bad mood, so he was a little rough with his Baby. As Sam threw her around a corner, Dean winced as he slid over the seat and the plug pushed uncomfortably inside him.

Rubbing his belly, he made a face. He felt too full and uncomfortable. Sam was an asshole… the plug was big – too big given he was already full of Sam’s come.

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Duck is trying to kill us all with hotness.

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