I can’t imagine there’s much you wouldn’t do, but would you ever write (on request) an RPF of one or more persons you knew, including the one who requested it in the first place? :P


Hahahahaaa, hmm, I wonder who you might be asking for…. umum, well if it were someone I knew well and was comfortable with yes I might, but probably as a private thing to share between ourselves. <3 ((I mean if you catch me on at the right time like when I’m drunk I think we all know I have no filter, but if we’re talking constructed, thought out fic-like writing that’s another matter))

*slides a large glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage across the table*

Hehe 😀

Ah, damn, yeah. When it comes to people I know well and I wanna get them off and shit, it gets SO easy to do stuff you don’t normally do or don’t even enjoy unless it’s with somebody who really gets off on it!

Fun times 😀