IM A LIL BIT LATE BUT MAYAAAAA HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 you're one of the sassiest, most freakin awesome people that i know and i love you for it. as someone creative who deals with mental ups and downs, you're an inspiration to me and i really treasure your friendship and just having you in my life. thank you so much for your writing and your crack reblogs & edits; they all make me so happy and always brighten up my day. LOVE U

That was such a nice thing to say! Thank you so much!! <3

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@mayalaen reminded me of you! &lt;3

Hahaha!! That’s awesome!!

I’ve actually wondered how many people reblog or read my pervy posts and have no clue I’m being pervy. I’m kinda obvious about it, but I’ve got SO MANY fetishes that it probably doesn’t occur to everyone that someone could be horny for *insert odd thing here* and yeah that was totally an insertion pun

Thank you for thinking of me 😀

oh mannnn im sorry about the aunt situation,, my paternal grandma is a pain in many of the same ways and it’s always god-fuckin-awful when she comes over during chinese new year,, sending positivity to you and i hope the situation is resolved soon. shall i burn some sage for you to send the evil “spirit” away hahaha

Thank you 🙂

She and I lived together for a while, and we pretty much drove each other insane – literally. I went into psychosis that lasted the whole time and she… kinda did the same. When schizophrenics and bipolars don’t mix they REALLY don’t mix :

She’s very nosy, has no respect for or concept of personal space, and I’m just dreading this. She going to be there when I get home tonight, and I suppose I should be thankful that it’s not Asshole Cousin and husband that my mom made this offer to, but… ugh.

I’m very tired of family lately anyway, and this is just one more thing on top of a huge mountain of eurgh. That’s beyond ugh 😉

YES, please burn some sage! Even if it doesn’t drive her away, it’ll improve the smell 😀

wwoooooah my god i hate spreadsheets. for my igcse’s i had to take computer studies and the excel spreadsheets were fucking with me so bad,, im glad the problem was solved and the sheets arent corrupt though ;w;

(tumblr didn’t tell me about this one either – I’m gonna have to just start checking in here a few times a day)

I love spreadsheets (because I’m a big old nerd who gets excited over such things), but sometimes they can be very frustrating, especially when I’ve been working on them as long as I’ve been working on these. I think it’s going on 5 months now. Ugh.

One of these days I’ll be done with them. Maybe 😀

HAHA MAYA WHAT IS WITH THE CHICKEN DILDO GUY IM CRYING LAUGHING HSHSJFJDF literally just imagine castiel showing back up to the winchesters with that on and dean is immediately trying to kill “whatever the holy fuck /that/ is” while sam is pissing himself laughing and jack is Confused and then they find out that the empty agreed to send cas back but only if he shows up like that hsjdkghjdsf

THIS IS IT! This is the best headcanon for Cas coming back, and I will accept no other theories because they’re wrong.

The Photo We’re Referring To (kindaNSFW)