All right, you. Tori has already been turning me on through IM and showing me dark SPN vids, then you come along and start in with the hot minifics again like you’ve been doing recently when people send you asks and I’m DYYYYYING!! You guys are killing me! It’s awesome. You guys are awesome <3




Alljflsjlfkds you shut your pretty face like that wasn’t even a mini fic man I’m tryna think of the logistics like honestly I’m just so distractible right now but seriously like maybe an upper classman Cain and I bet his brother is about a year behind and Abel’s always got a complex because he’s just a smidge younger and feels left out a lot and Jimmy and Castiel come along and they’re just freshmen but lbh those boys are dirty and have been fooling around with each other since before either of them got their first pube and of course Cas and Jimmy start getting all starry eyed over Cain who’s a bit of the rebel or at least as much of a rebel as you can be in Catholic school but Cain is a good brother and he always shares with Abel and at first it’s just Cain and Abel touching each other watching the twins do downright filthy things but yeah, yeah, I could get into this, hop on in yo. 😀

I can’t get over the image of Cain slowly taking off his jacket (boarding school so adorable little uniforms, amiright!?), unbuttoning and rolling up his sleeves. Just giving that LOOK and…

Who would fall to their knees and offer themselves first, Jimmy or Cas?

I’m gonna go with Cas shoving Jimmy to his knees and pulling his head back rough by the hair to show off what a pretty mouth his brother has got. And they totally have adorable private uniforms including spiffy blazers and ties. Someone’s getting tied up and gagged with a tie aren’t they? Cas is probably an unruly little shit, I bet it would be him. Abel’s probably used to following his brother’s lead, good at listening to his instructions. Mmmhmm.

I think Cain’s wearing boots. Just because. And Cas shivers as Cain orders Jimmy to hump his boot, telling him that’s the only way he’ll get off tonight. Cas wants to hump the other boot, but he’s stubborn and doesn’t bend over for just anyone, but damn does he love watching his brother humping that boot, his moans muffled by the tie in his mouth.

Abel teases him. And Cain joins in on it. Because they just KNOW Cas really wants to get down and dirty. With enough teasing and taunting, he’s hard and leaking in his school uniform.

By the time Jimmy comes all over Cain’s boot, panting into Cain’s crotch, which he’s been mouthing at, Cas is begging.