Shit Nobody Told Me: Drunk Sex

Title: Drunk Sex
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Cain/Kevin
Warnings/Tags:  Drunk sex, fucking, falling asleep during sex
Alternate Link:  AO3

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Drunk Sex

Cain filled his shot glass again, then smirked at Kevin.  Kevin nodded, already wobbling on the chair a little.

“You’re not stopping yet, are you?” Cain asked the kid.

shook his head, forcing himself to keep a straight face.  Yeah, so he
thought Cain was really fucking hot.  Yeah, so he had challenged the old
guy to a drinking game.  Cain didn’t need to know that Kevin could damn
well hold his liquor even for a small guy.

“All right, then,” Cain said, holding up his glass before downing it.

down his own shot and set the glass on the table.  Cain licked his
lips, and Kevin couldn’t take it anymore.  He got up, walked over to
Cain, and crawled onto his lap, straddling his legs.

“Mind if I sit here instead?” Kevin asked, slurring his words just a bit.

Cain smiled.  "Not at all.“

the next shot, Kevin ‘accidentally’ squirmed on Cain’s lap.  The shot
after that he pretended to be dizzy and dropped his forehead down onto
Cain’s shoulder, snuggling against him and practically humping him.

Cain rubbed over his back, down his sides, and slid his hands over Kevin’s jeans clad ass.  Kevin hummed appreciatively.

"You tired of this game?” Cain asked.

Kevin pulled back and grinned at Cain.  "You should put me to bed.“

didn’t hesitate to carry the kid to his bedroom and strip him with
clumsy fingers, the alcohol settling in and making everything warm and

Stretching, licking, biting, a few kisses and Cain was
inside him, fucking him with a big cock that hit all the right places.  
Cain wasn’t nearly as rough in bed as Kevin had thought he’d be, but
that was fine.  Kevin just wanted to get laid, and Cain was doing a good
job of that.

Well, he was until he came, groaned out his orgasm, then flopped down onto Kevin and fell asleep.

"Hey,” Kevin said, poking at the man on top of him.  "Dude, get up.“

but snoring and a heavy weight that didn’t really hinder his breathing,
but it definitely wasn’t Kevin’s idea of fun.  He hadn’t even had an
orgasm himself.

"Oh, c’mon!” Kevin growled, squirming and trying to push Cain off.

finally gave up, Cain still inside him and on top of him.  He fell
asleep that way, having learned is lesson and hoping Cain didn’t sleep
that long.  Cain made up for it by fucking him the next morning, then
blowing him later that day after he’d made him breakfast, apologizing
yet again for turning Kevin into a comfortable bed.

 "Nobody told me drunk sex can be a bad idea.  He passed out on top of
me, and because he’s a whole Hell of a lot bigger than me, I couldn’t
move, so I just had to wait until he woke up.“