Fact: asexuals and aromantics are afraid to get close to people.  This is why many of them live inside large hamster balls, keeping other humans at a minimum of five foot distance.  Wealthier asexuals and aromantics may purchase yachts; some are so desperate to escape all human contact that they flee to private islands.  A casual cruise through the Caribbean will in fact show that most very small islands are populated by asexuals and aromantics.

Okay excuse you this is BLATANT MISINFORMATION.

the FACT IS that MORE THAN HALF of the asexuals and aromantics DO NOT HAVE AFFORDABLE ACCESS to hamster balls! So many of us are reduced to wrapping ourselves in SARAN WRAP and rolling from place to place LIKE ROLLING PINS. Even those who can AFFORD a PROPER HAMSTER BALL often don’t have the ACCESSIBILITY we require to get from place to place (when was the last time you saw a hamster ball access ramp at your school? and don’t get me started on trying to use wheelchair ramps with those things!). IN SHORT, so many people just ASSUME asexuals and aromantics have EASY ACCESS to people repelling DEVICES, but the opposite is true!


This is very true.  Thank you for pointing it out.  There does need to be more awareness of these issues.

Don’t forget the people whose parents say it’s a WASTE of plastic wrap. Those aces and aros have to resort to screaming like a pterodactyl and running.