We got a call from the doctor today and a biopsy we’ve been waiting on for 2-½ weeks came back. My mom has cancer/lymphoma.

Spent most of the day taking her to set up scans and bloodwork for tomorrow, a follow-up with the doctor who did the biopsy, and looking into oncologists.

There’s nothing that I can do about it now, but it really irritates me that she’s been seeing a well-known and respected dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer for five years and the woman never bothered to do a biopsy of my mom’s chin. Since she’s been having more issues with her chin, we got a second opinion, and the FIRST THING the new doc did was get a biopsy, and she asked who the old doc was because she was surprised it hadn’t been done before.

Well, now it’s possibly in her lymph nodes, her breasts, and there are other patches throughout the rest of her body that we’re going to get biopsies on to see if it’s rash or cancer.

The way our family reacts to really bad shit is we laugh, so my mom has already decided she’s using this to get out of shit. “Can you loan me some money?” “No, can’t, I have cancer.” Twisted humor gets us through the bad shit.

Anyway I’m wiped, my stomach is killing me, mom’s asleep, and I’m supposed to be ordering shit for the shop and working on the POS system, but I just want to ignore everything and get lost in fantasy and forget that the real world exists.