endellionaeternus: @mayalaen I want you to know that this thing I wrote based off your prompt is both dirty and rough around the edges lol. It’s also 95% porn with a little bit of hole-riddled plot 😂 Merry Christmas! Okay… without spoiling any of this IT’S REALLY FUCKING HOT AND YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!! …

mayaliveblogs: nookan’s buttymance by formidablepassion

Title: Nookan’s Buttymance
Author: @formidablepassion
Pairings: Loki/Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Christian)
Word Count:
Tags: noncon, cannibalism, vore, gore, body modification and mutilation, murder, overindulgence in candy, ridiculousness and more
Link: AO3
Loki is known for giving assholes their just desserts. He is more than a Trickster God. He is violent and vengeful.

Seriously think about your life choices before clicking on the keep reading cut. You probably don’t want to read this, don’t want to click the link to the fic on AO3, and you should probably just move on for your mental well-being.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man + gore + vore + cannibalism + murder fucking + gang rape. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like fun!

Although I am wondering why this wasn’t tagged as a crossover. I mean, there HAVE to be Ghostbusters fans out there who would like to know if there’s an SPN crossover to read out there!

People die. People are raped. People are eaten. Proceed with caution.

Nice try with the warnings, but it’ll take more than that to stop me. Will anything stop me? No one knows.

Cole’s head moved frantically around looking for any life that might help him. His hands curled into fists as he slammed them against the bigger man’s back, eventually clawing at the clothes and skin that he managed to expose.

Cole has claws! Cool. And Cole’s already crying. AWESOME!! And ya know I just hate it when I’m down for a good old fashioned orgy and the only thing available is a piss/blood/shit-stained mattress. Puts a damper on things.

Maybe he hit his head walking and now this was a hallucination. When they tore his clothes off he realized it was real.

Things always get real when clothes are torn off. That’s a good signal. I do find it strange he didn’t ask why until five guys had already fucked him. And why ask why? Is there a reason other than power trips and fucking?

“No. I-I don’t.” his eyes opened wide as the sixth man shoved deep into his bleeding ass with no concern for the man’s comfort, only the come of five other men easing the way.

Ooh, but just the blood would’ve been awesome! That’s always fun. At first. And then it gets sticky and gritty. Then it’s not so fun unless you’re the fucker instead of the fuckee.

Loki took a deep breath and his lungs filled with the man’s desperation before the men looked in the direction where he was standing, invisible to the businessman, and he nodded.

I get off on the acidic smell of desperation too. It tastes good.  Ooh, and blood-stained faces! That is SO attractive. Sometimes I do it to myself and look in the mirror.

I’ve never tried human meat, but I don’t think I’d like it. I’m not a huge meat eater to begin with, but fucking AND eating might be fun.

The man jumped up, tensing for a fight even as he slipped on the tacky blood and fell backward into it.

Blood is SO SLIPPERY! Like… seriously!

“I think that might be the least of your worries here, Chrissy. Can I call you Chrissy? Or do you prefer Chris?” Loki pulled a sucker out of his pocket and slowly unwrapped is as he asked.

I love how Loki is constantly eating candy. Overdone clichés to the point of ridiculousness amuse me 😀

Loki moved over and sat on Christian’s stomach, crossing his legs and looking down on his face. “Are you a movie buff Chrissy?” Christian glared at him, the look having no effect because of the sucker stick protruding from his closed lips.

I kinda have a feeling Loki from your ‘verse and Cas from my CON ‘verse would get along well.

“Yesh, tate like nookan buttymace.” Loki swallowed and cleared his throat. “I said you taste like nougat and butterfingers.”

Love how you worked in the title. I was beginning to wonder how the title would come into play, and it was so much more than I could’ve hoped for!!

Loki grinned and pounded in harder and harder seeking out his release. With each thrust the gaping wounds oozed more and bits of marshmallow slipped into the pools of blood. Finally with a small gasp the life left Christian. 

MARSHMALLOW OOZING BODY!! LOVE IT!! And I kinda wanna do this myself. Dmn, Loki totally should’ve leaned over and licked up some of the marshmallow goo!

Maya’s Rating: Excellent fic! I thoroughly enjoyed it. 10/10. Would read again. Monch your brain. Tentacle high five eight. Yada yada.