i’m having so many little!will and caring!supportive!hannibal feelings right now omg

Damn, I’m sorry. That sounds terrible. I totally wouldn’t want to read that. Not in a million years! Especially if you wrote it.


ThAT WAS SO HARD!!!! I want. I want the fic. I want to read the fic and read it over again. Maybe read it again after that. I mean… little!Will?!!!! Caring!supportive!Hannibal with little!Will?!!!!!!


i tried to be supportive of your “keep me from writing this” thing but i failed

  • will, so confused by his feelings, because he just wants to be taken care of, wants to make little crafts and color instead of tying flies, wants someone to comfort him after his nightmares and–god, he hates himself for even thinking it–give him a bath when he sweats through his pajamas
  • but he thinks wanting that is only supposed to be a sexual thing, and he’s not into that, so he’s probably just a freak. even his abnormal urges are abnormal, and it makes him feel even worse.
  • will doesn’t want to talk about it, especially not with a psychiatrist, but he just killed hobbes and loved it, and then almost killed stammets–he really, really wanted to, wanted someone to steady his hand and guide him–and there’s the smell of the innocent dead stuck in his nose, and he’s just so tired
  • hannibal saw the darkness in will, but he never saw this, saw this small lost little boy inside of him that wanted so badly to be loved and nurtured and protected. yet here he is, will, sitting broken in his waiting room, hugging a throw pillow like a child would a stuffed animal, trying desperately not to cry.
  • and hannibal hasn’t felt like this in decades, this overwhelming urge to comfort and care for, not since mischa.
  • will clings to him when hannibal sits beside him, pulling will into his lap, holding him close, encouraging will to put his thumb in his mouth–he doesn’t know exactly why, except that it must be what will needs, because that always helped his little sister.
  • and when will falls asleep there in hannibal’s arms, mouth slack, thumb half fallen out, it fills a hole in hannibal’s heart that he hadn’t even knew existed.

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And no pressure, but like… maybe a few hundred thousand words on the subject? I could read that. *nod nod*

Oh I love contrast in this. The whole murder and blood and gore and then clingy Will who just wants to snuggle with a blankie and Hannibal indulging him and…

I”M MELTING!!! Nonsexual too?! YES!!!

I kinda wanna tag all my mutuals who are into the whole little play thing, but I have a feeling they’re not into Hannibal, but damn this is so cute!!!