yoda has a last name

me: i bet you didn’t know yoda had a last name and it’s leyheehoo

my mom: yoda has a last name?!

my aunt: what?!

my mom: *looks to her sister* did you know yoda had a last name? you’re a big star wars fan. did you know that?!

my aunt: no


both of them in unison: yodaleyheeHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

it grows on trees i guess

My aunt Carol (uncle and mom’s sister) lives at my uncle’s house. It’s a 2-story house, and the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach to her room downstairs very well. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that good either.

Genius that Marissa (uncle’s wife) is, she ttold Carol to use her phone’s hotspot.

Because we told Marissa that when they’re out of town once or twice a year in this weird spot where there’s no internet service, she should use the hotspot, so Marissa was like hey this feature is cool and free because we have unlimited data.

So both Carol and Marissa have been using the hotspot service on their phones at home every month for I don’t know how many months (I’ll have to look back through the bills), and the only reason we realized it is because Carol recently discovered Blue-Ray quality movies and has been watching them in her room, so the service provider texted all of us to say “you’re about to go over your 15gb hotspot limit, and we’ll have to charge you for the next package if you do go over.”

Marissa and Carol had no idea you have to pay for the hotspot service monthly and it’s not part of the unlimited data.

And apparently it doesn’t matter what I say because a few months ago Carol asked me about hotspots and I said, “No. Don’t do that unless you HAVE to. It’s an extra monthly charge and we’re already paying SO MUCH MONEY.” Carol tends to hear what she wants to hear.

Yet another thing I’m being charged for. Yay.

the sad thing is if i didn’t have so much shit going on and actually read over all the cell phone bills i might have seen it but i’m TIRED and keep thinking my family couldn’t possibly find MORE ways to get me spending money

that didn’t go as planned but it was still fun

Addy stayed up here overnight Sunday/Monday, so at around 6pm, we packed her up in the van along with my mom and my aunt, and we all headed down to AC’s trailer.

Two thirds of the way there, the van overheated. I pulled down a side street and shut the van off. It was already smoking, and I was surprised it went so fast. It was VERY close to blowing the motor, but the other times vehicles have done that on me, it didn’t happen THAT quickly. There was a warning, and as long as I shut off the air conditioner and didn’t stress the motor, we were able to get home. Not this time.

My mom got out of the van with Addy and they walked around and played with toy cars on the blacktop. Addy loves being outside, so she was having a blast.
Thankfully it wasn’t SUPER hot today. It was only about 100 degrees out when we pulled over.

We got a hold of my dad and he drove over with a big old jug of water, but once he got there and started filling the reservoir, it just leaked right back out like a hose.

So we called a tow truck (since my uncle wasn’t answering his phone), and while my dad and my aunt waited in the van, I took Addy and my mom in dad’s truck and took Addy the rest of the way home. We got back about 15 minutes before the tow truck got there, and my dad rode in the tow truck with the driver while I took my mom and aunt in dad’s truck.

After that we picked up my dad, who had to roll around in the back of his truck because his truck only rides 3 in the seat, and we took him home. My dad is a really skittish back seat driver, so I drove slower and more cautiously than I normally do, so it took longer to get home, but at least he didn’t whine at me.

We hadn’t eaten yet, and all three of us were SO HUNGRY, so we went to Village Inn for breakfast-for-dinner. There was nobody else there besides the cook, the waitress, and the waitress’ 5-year-old, who was shadowing her mom everywhere in between coloring at a table across the dining area.

I just got home about 20 minutes ago, so all in all, taking Addy home took over 6 hours when it should’ve only taken 45 minutes.

But it was fun. We all had a good time and were laughing about it. Addy thought we took her to the park to play with her cars and was laughing and having a great time.

I just hope the van doesn’t have something big wrong with it. I’m hoping a water plug popped (since we had that work done two weeks ago and all new parts put into the system for the radiator and water pump system). If it’s a cracked engine block – which is the OTHER reason for water draining straight out of the van and onto the ground – it means we’ll have to look for a new vehicle. Well, not new. New vehicles are insanely expensive. We’ll have to look for a new-to-us vehicle, which is always a pain here in the summer time, but oh well. Hopefully it’s just the water plug.

this week :)

I worked on spreadsheets all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of Thursday. Worked on new business cards for the shop and each of the guys on Thursday. Today we did more construction on the shop and I took care of customers too. Also got Evan caught up on some of the things he needed to know before making clip cords and other tattoo supplies.

Monday was spent taking care of stuff around the house that needed doing and running errands, going grocery shopping, and taking things into the shop (refilling the soda machine, etc.).

Stalker Chick who is going after Evan keeps liking our Facebook page, and I keep forcing an unlike. She tried it SEVEN TIMES, so finally I banned her. I don’t want any of us to get in trouble – she got an injunction against Evan, and if there’s any sort of contact, he goes to prison.

About two minutes after I banned her, her husband started liking the page. I forced an unlike, but after the second time he liked it, I banned him too. It’s creepy and freaking me out and I’m not even sure why. I’ve had two stalkers myself and I handled it better than I’m handling this one, though I usually freak out if something threatens my livelihood (one of my biggest psychotic episodes was because my bosses at my last job were doing really weird shit and searching for ways to get us all in trouble so they could fire us and send our work overseas), and the shop is my livelihood.

I just want her and her husband to go away.

Ash was out at a bar last night with friends and somebody threw a beer bottle across the room. It shattered and a piece of it hit Ash just above his eye. Any lower and he probably wouldn’t have his eye anymore. He bled like crazy, but he’s okay.

Addy decided to go for a swim yesterday. Charlie, Madelyn (my mom), and Carol were on the lawn chairs at the time, which is a good thing, but they were amazed because even though she hasn’t been taught to swim yet, she managed to go from a dead-man float to on her back and got her mouth out of the water to breathe. She was only under a few seconds before they got to her, so she wasn’t in danger anyway, but still it’s nice to know she knows how to flip over even without swimmies on!

My hair was getting really long. My hair is really heavy and thick, so when it gets long it starts to get REALLY heavy and my back and shoulders get hot like there’s a blanket on them. It was halfway down my back. So my mom chopped a bunch of it off yesterday for me and it looks really cute – I like it 😀

A customer just came in to buy supplies and said I was “a lot nicer than that other place.” When I asked her who she was talking about, it turned out to be one of our two competitors and “she was SUCH A BITCH, so we’re NOT going back there.” She asked if we had a tip jar, and I started laughing, but she was like no really. She actually tipped me!

All in all not a bad week so far, though I’m very tired and can’t wait to go home tonight. Still got one more day until the end of my work week 🙂

irritated ramblings

I’m irritated. Have been for the last two days. Nothing new/big/horrible, just… irritated and whiny and you can totally feel free to skip this if you want 🙂

  • i’ve had irritated customers EVERY DAY this week (and it’s not just me being sensitive, the guys have noticed and asked wtf is up)
  • i’ve been extra hungry and not sure why but it’s annoying and my stomach is growling ALL DAY
  • i’ve had NO HELP at the shop at all from family because of the kids and illnesses
  • found out this morning that AC (who hasn’t been answering our calls/texts) moved the trailer over a week ago and has been living in air conditioning watching tv and eating and sleeping while ignoring us
  • my family STILL won’t take even just the baby down there even though we KNOW they have air conditioning and a steady place to live now
  • AC’s MIL paid for the trailer to be moved AND the electricity they’re using so that means people are STILL paying for AC to be lazy
  • that little shit that gives me a hard time just called again bitching at me and i just wanna tell him to fuck off and stop coming into my shop i’m so fucking sick of him – I’M NOT YOUR BUDDY, DUDE!
  • i don’t get to go on vacation A-FUCKING-GAIN because Marissa is still sick with a stomach bug, we still have the kids (and both of them are sick), and my dad is going on ANOTHER vacation when he usually never goes (but that means it’s kind of a vacation for me and my mom because we don’t have to put up with him and he might be gone for THREE WEEKS!! WOOHOO!!)
  • i’m getting really irritated that no more work has been done on the shop and there’s boxes everywhere and i can’t find anything and whine bitch moan
  • 2/3 of the computers i was going to use for the shop are failing (they’re 5 years old so it’s not a surprise) but i spent WAY too much time trying to make them work before i realized it was hardware failure, not software glitches
  • i STILL need to switch to the new POS system and i’m still paying on the old one, so the longer it takes me to switch, the more i have to pay for a system that doesn’t work and i hate
  • i’m a sucky friend because i go long periods in between contacting people and some people can’t handle that (i’m not knocking them, i’m knocking me) so they think i don’t like them but really it’s just because i’m overwhelmed with life and i hide from everything/everyone, not JUST them

And now for a few good bullet points 🙂

  • my dad might be gone for THREE WEEKS (trying not to get too excited because a lot of times he either backs out or comes back after only a day or two)
  • my stalker!aunt is doing better with her latest medication change – i doubt she’ll ever be even what could be considered functional, but better is still better!
  • today is saturday and in 3 hours and 20 minutes i’m done with my work week
  • ryan gave me a design for the new tattoo side of the shop and i love it, which means i an order business cards and stickers and all that fun stuff and the guys are excited about it

I think that’s it for now. I’ll try to stop whining now 😛