Chuck himself can descend from the heavens and tell me its Cass with two s’s and I will drop kick him right on back to Amara bc he’s wrong and has no right to come down and say that shit anyways when he abandoned earth to the winchesters


i mean that is basically self-care

For anybody ready to totally go off on somebody else for spelling it Cass, I just wanna say that the first exposure I had to the name was closed captioning (because of my hearing deficit) and it was spelled Cass.

There was a HUGE fight on LiveJournal and fandom forums back in the day because half of the people read the scripts/IMDB info/closed captioning seeing Cass and the other half decided it was Cas, and in the fallout there were a lot of people that left fandom over it because it got THAT bad.

I do prefer Cas, but if I read a fic or post with Cass in it, it doesn’t bother me because I assume that’s all the person has known or maybe they just prefer it.

I also headcanon Dean and Sam teasing each other and Cas about this. Leaving notes for Cas where one of them writes Cas and the other adds an S in different handwriting and another color ink just because, then the first one scratches it out and makes a sad face or whatever. Cas thinks the whole thing is adorable and slightly confusing 😀

Hi! I saw your post about “Cass” vs “Cas” but in the show doesn’t it say “Cass”? I know the subtitles spell it “Cass” and I think that the show did to? ‘m really confused. Thanks!!


It’s Cas.

The writers don’t know what they are doing anyway so we can’t expect them to get their character’s name right either :)))

It’s Castiel. Cas. Not Casstiel. Cas.

When I first started reading Supernatural fic just a few months after it first aired (I read fic before I started watching the show), there was a huge fight about this issue throughout fandom, but a good number of people were spelling it Cass, a good number Cas.

I use closed captioning 100% of the time I watch TV and movies, so I was and still am exposed to Cass while watching TV, Cass and Cas while reading fanfic, and I really don’t care.

If someone writes a fic and spells it Cass, I’ll still read it and it doesn’t phase me.  I prefer Cas, and I write my own fic with Cas, but it really doesn’t bother me either way.  My favorite thing is just listening to Dean say the word 😀