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Maya… Ruby x Cain… omf please don’t I don’t need another ship to constantly obsess over??? OMFG I’m ashamed for never having thought of that pairing… gotdamn… the things Cain would do to her :’)

@casbabe Mwahahaha! I’m an enabler with writers+pairings. Between @bendoverandbiteyourgag and me we’ll get everyone reading and writing pairings they never dreamed of.

We’ll also traumatize people with things like Cain/Dean/Corn and Dean/Castiel/Pipe Cleaners 😀

You’re welcome 😉

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Omfg yeeesss!!! Sometimes I want to read a kinky af dom!cas reader insert from one of my fave authors but ahhh a girl can dream… but yes you’re absolutely right XD

What I meant was if @bendoverandbiteyourgag did this for me, it would be her writing Christy/Maya in the fic, and I’d want her to just do whatever the fuck she wanted to both of us in that fic.

But hell yeah I’m on board for dom!Cas any time, including reader insert! Dom!Cas is awesome!

@casbabe, I just realized I didn’t finish one of the questions you asked the other day, so here’s the rest 😀

34. Favorite foreplay activities: I’m not really into foreplay, so I’m gonna answer this as a BDSM question. I’m really into

spanking, shibari, mind games (consensual), hair pulling/rough treatment/manhandling, flogging (suede floggers with gentle to medium strokes will get me going pretty quickly and I’m good with that even if we’re not headed for a heavier scene).

Licking is another thing I really like. I have this thing for the smell of wet flesh, and I love to lick my partner and run my nose over their skin smelling them, doesn’t matter where on their body, but arms, shoulders, neck, and ass cheeks are my favorite.

But mostly I’m either “let’s get to the fucking” or into a scene of some sort. Massages, lots of kissing, cuddling, etc. are things I only do if a partner is really into it and needs it.