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now i feel bad for complaining about the snow we got today :/

Pfffft, complain all you want! All that snow is… awful! And you guys are stuck in it!

It’s 75 degrees here right now at 5pm. I don’t even need a jacket!

Here we dread the summers. We never have snow in the winter, but in the summer it gets up to 120 degrees at least once every summer, and this last summer was record-setting. We hit 127 in a few places. We get daily recommendations in the summertime for what to wear, and we had a record number of days where they suggested wearing not only sunscreen, but also sunglasses because the numbers were so high.

We have a scale of 1-10 for what to wear outside, how fast you’ll sunburn, etc. This year there were several days where they had to bump it up to 11 – off the scale 😀