most of the time olfactory hallucinations are nice



Sometimes I get a strong smell of strawberries or chocolate or oranges or flowers or crayons.

Today I get dog shit. Yay.

certain cultures believe that angels smell like flowers and if you suddenly start smelling a floral scent it’s because an angel passed by

maybe the poop smell is for demons 

i assumed it would smell like sulfur if it was a demon, which i do get sometimes

OOH but what about Hellhounds?!

Song Shuffle

I was tagged by @felicityismyfilter to shuffle my music and put the first ten songs and tag 10 people. Thank you 🙂

1. Moment – Nate Ruess
2. A Key to Nothing – Mudvayne
3. Southern Smile – Cavo
4. Spit it Out – Slipknot
5. The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars
6. Rio Bravo – cKy
7. Brutal Love – Green Day
8. Only the Young – Brandon Flowers
9. Shallow – Porcupine Tree
10. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance

I’m tagging @bendoverandbiteyourgag @dreamsfromthebunker @castiel-knight-of-hell @sheltered-ghost @rieraclaelin @smightymcsmighterton @majesticduxk @shipperslist @theboykingsbrokencrown @gravyboot

And anyone who wants to play!