Title: Gently Used

Artist: @burningwicker

Pairing: CainxCastiel, MegxRuby, CainxCastielxDean, MegxRubyxSam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 31,017

Warnings: Recreational drug use, Threats of violence

Summary: Castiel was content with the life he and Cain had carved for themselves in West Jefferson, North Carolina, cradled in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They had a sprawling antique shop, that while it didn’t get much business throughout the year, it managed to keep itself going. He was happy with the creaky old house that they had on a hill, surrounded by forests, with the garden in the back. Perhaps he had grown complacent in his old age, but he wasn’t expecting bounty hunters – the Winchester brothers – to come looking for his husband. Much less Meg and Ruby, two old friends who had followed on their heels to warn that trouble was coming.

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Notes: Thank you so so much for the lovely art work that @burningwicker made, I’m all stupid giggly over here for this, aahhhh, I’m crushing on your style so hard. And a huge thank you to the betas that helped whip this into shape, @mayalaen, @starkfeels, and @dcdavechicken. You’ve all been wonderful to work with and this wouldn’t be what it is without you. <3

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(excerpt from my KBB coming out soon awwww yeaaaaahh)

Even though it were a hot day, the cold water was a shock to his system. Lifting his arms up, Castiel turned side to side, dust turning to mud again and dripping sludgy down his naked body.

Stopping the hose a moment, Cain scrubbed with the very coarse heavy brush at his skin, hosed him again, scrubbed again, repeated over every patch of his body until Castiel felt raw. Once he was rinsed off, Cain set down the hose and dipped his brush in the bucket full of sudsy water. Castiel shut his eyes as it was scrubbed through his hair, over his face, some soap getting in his mouth making his scrunch up tighter for how bitter and ill it was.

With firm hands, Cain moved him around and thoroughly cleaned tip to toe with the soapy brush before picking up the hose again. By the time it was over, Castiel’s teeth were chattering with chill and his whole body throbbed from the rough treatment. Only the soles of his feet were left dirty. His sodden collar was heavier around his neck. Shivering, Cain gestured him into the barn after hanging up the hose and emptying the bucket.

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