Nipple play, handcuffs and a strap-on: pick your partner/s (spn ofc!!) and set the scene please ;)

I’m writing this while shoving pizza in my face 😛
Okay, let’s see here.

Cut for Length and Porny Stuffs

Donna walks in, a bit of a swagger because she knows what I have planned. She chuckles when she catches a glimpse of the person tied to the bed. She’s got her handcuffs in her right hand and she holds them out, letting Cas see them.

He whimpers, struggling a little in the padded cuffs that keep his arms spread out on the bed.  His knees are tied open wide, his ass hanging off the end of the bed.  His cock is hard, leaking on his stomach.

I take the cuffs from Donna and shove her forward. She catches herself on the bed and tries to turn around, but I’m already cuffing her left wrist. She puts up a token fight, but she’s so into it that she ends up putting her right arm behind her back too.

I yank off her uniform slacks and cute little pink panties, leaving her in nothing but her bra and open dress shirt. The shoes and socks had been left in the other room when I’d called her in. Her hair’s up in a ponytail, so I grab it and pull her over to Cas.

“Lick,” I say, shoving her down to her knees.

She doesn’t hesitate. Just starts licking over Cas’ hole. Cas cries out, body shivering and his eyes closing like he’s never felt anything like it before.

Once he’s a whimpering, sobbing mess and his hole’s sloppy wet, I tap Donna on the head.

“Sit on his face.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she says, climbing onto the bed, careful not to fall on her face – the handcuffs limiting her movements.

I slick up my cock and slide into Cas just as Donna lets out her first moan.  I fuck him hard, yanking on his balls and stroking his cock at the same time so he can have that delicious mix of pleasure and pain that makes him come so fast he chokes on it.

Each time I fuck into him, Donna rocks along with us. She’s nice enough to give him some time to breathe, but he’s gasping each time she pulls herself up and off his face before she lowers herself again and uses him like a toy.

I fuck him harder, giving the insides of his thighs some hard smacks, smiling when he screams into Donna’s pussy.  She comes while I’m squeezing his balls so hard he starts sobbing, but seconds later he’s coming too when I suck his cock and shove my fingers into his hole, roughly rubbing on his prostate.

Donna flops down onto the bed on her back, her legs spread wide and pussy glistening, back arched awkwardly because her hands are cuffed behind her.  Cas is still panting, face wet with tears and Donna’s juices.

I take the strap-on off and climb onto the bed, pushing Donna out of the way.  “My turn.  And whoever makes me come first gets to top next time.”

“I’m still tied up!” Cas says, indignant. The fuck-stupid look on his face and the sex hair ruins the whole indignant thing he was going for.

“And I’m still cuffed!” Donna says, then pouts at me.

I smile. “You two had better figure something out,” I say, then spread out on my back and wait.

EDIT: I forgot the nipple play. Oh well, imagine they both use that on me 😀