Bake Off


Title: Bake Off
Ship: Anna/Castiel/Gabriel/Lucifer
Rating: Teen Up
Link: AO3
Word count: 570
Tags/Warnings: Polyamory, Alternate Universe, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Lucifer, Omega Castiel, Mpreg, Alpha Anna Milton, Alpha Gabriel, Pregnant Castiel, Domestic Fluff, Family Fluff, Child Samandriel, POV Lucifer
Created for @spnpolybingo
Square: Anna Castiel Gabriel Lucifer

Lucifer decides to prove that while he is all alpha, he’s got a heart too.

The annual bake sale should have been neutral ground. Should have been. But Lucifer had pulled out all of the stops to show Gabriel, Castiel and Anna that he could be a part of Samandriel’s life as much as the three of them. Just because he was all alpha all the time didn’t mean he was wtihout a single nurturing bone. He was tired of the two other alphas and omega not wanting him to spend time with little Samandriel, because they believed he couldn’t keep himself in check when it mattered.

He was especially tired of it all as Castiel was heavily pregnant with a new litter and clearly needed help. But oh, he was too alpha to help their mate. Sometimes Lucifer thought they only kept him around because he was a good fuck. Well they would learn he could be more, was much more.

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This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!