Title: The Prisoner
Author: @angrysouffle

Artist: @castielsstarr

Pairing: Castiel/Gadreel, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Castiel/Balthazar, Castiel/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 30,400

Warnings: Serial killer AU, Minor Character Death, Temporary Character Death, Non-Con
Summary: For 10 years, Sam and Dean Winchester have worked tirelessly to free their friend Gadreel from death row. The man who picks up Gadreel from the prison gates is a stranger. Castiel is enigmatic, engaged and unaccountably interested in Gadreel. When Castiel’s fiance Balthazar gets cold feet, it is Gadreel who steps up to fulfill Castiel’s unique needs. So why does everyone seem to think that Castiel and Dean belong together?

Fic Link:

This is the cadreel/destiel/wincest fic 🙂 its the best thing I’ve ever written!

And that art is ridiculously good, do you see the Cas wall? The would have taken forever and is also a very important part of the fic. Thank you so much @castielsstarr! 💛💚💙

Eeeee! I’m bookmarking this for later! YAY!