new fic: a little girth

Written for @spnpolybingo
Title: A Little Girth
Pairing(s): Castiel/Hannah/Samandriel/OFC(s)
Word Count: 790
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
poly relationships, angelic possession, voyeurism, oral sex, frottage, chubby kink
@spnpolybingo Square: Castiel Hannah Samandriel
Link: AO3


Sometimes when angels get bored, they possess people and go along for the ride.  Sometimes Hannah, Castiel, and Samandriel all get bored at the same time.

“What about that one?” Hannah asked, pointing out the woman jogging through the park.

moved a cloud out of the way and peered down at the woman.  "Nah, I
wanna try somebody who is a little thicker this time.“

squinted as he searched the next major city for potentials.  "Samandriel
likes the feeling of being surrounded by a bigger human.”

Hannah nodded.  "Okay, then what about that woman?“ she asked, pointing out the candidate for her brothers.

Samandriel gasped.  "Yes!  That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

Hannah looked to Castiel.  "Well?“

"Let’s go,” he said.

angels possessing on vessel wasn’t an easy feat, but they were young
and not nearly as powerful as their older brothers and sisters.  They
didn’t take up as much room, and if they were careful, they could
possess a human for a few hours without any damage to the vessel.

“This feels nice,” Samandriel said, settling in and humming happily to his brother and sister.

woman’s name was Rayna, and she already had her conquest for the
evening, which meant they wouldn’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of
time inside her.  Rayna wasted no time in getting the other girl back to
her apartment.

“I’m gonna eat you out for hours,” Rayna said, making the other girl blush.  "I bet you’ve got a pretty pussy.“

to find out?” she asked, lifting her shirt just enough that Rayna could
see the undercurve of her breasts.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.

grunted, her clit twitching.  "I do,“ she said as she pushed the other
girl down to her bed and spread her legs, mouthing over her exposed
belly and unbuttoning the girl’s jeans.

"What was her name?” Hannah asked.

Castiel replied, happy to see Samandriel filling out inside Rayna,
spreading out to each little crevice and reveling in her girth.

Samandriel cried out when Dianne reached up and grabbed a hold of
Rayna’s love handles instead of her breasts, which most people did when
they reached for Rayna.  It was refreshing, and Samandriel nearly came
when he realized just how much Dianne liked the extra pounds, just like
he did.

“You like that, little one?” Rayna asked, settling on her heels as she smirked down at Dianne.

“Uh-huh!” Dianne said, kneading the rolls.  "In fact, would you mind if I did something?“

Rayna shrugged.  "Anything you want, little one.  I’m all yours for the night.”

giggled as she sat up, pushing Rayna down onto the bed before stripping
out of her clothes.  "You’re so fucking beautiful,“ she said as she
climbed onto the bed, then swung her leg over Rayna and settled on her
belly, her pussy sliding wet over the skin of Rayna’s belly.

was all Samandriel needed, and both Castiel and Hannah could feel him
coming, so turned on by the fact that Dianne got off on Rayna’s girth
that he lost control for a moment and made Rayna buck up.

didn’t notice, too busy watching the girl riding her belly, but Dianne
noticed.  She smirked, leaning down to kiss Rayna as she moved her pussy
all over the rolls of Rayna’s belly, the skin becoming slick because
Dianne was just that turned on.

"Oh!  Oh, Rayna, yes!” Dianne
cried out as Rayna reached up and fingered Dianne’s clit, making the
girl buck and squeeze her thighs together in ecstasy.

watched through Rayna’s eyes as Dianne leaned back, resting her palms on
Rayna’s knees and spreading her legs wide, giving Rayna a wonderful
view of her pussy, flushed dark pink with arousal and short hair
glistening with slick.

“Rayna!” Dianne whimpered, gasping and bucking as she came for the first time that night.

was just recovering when Rayna flipped them over, getting between
Dianne’s knees and burying her face in the girl’s pussy.  Both Hannah
and Samandriel pushed a little more knowledge into Rayna’s head, giving
her more pointers even though the woman was no slouch in the pussy
eating department.  Castiel was amused, and when Rayna ran her teeth
ever so gently over the lips of Dianne’s pussy, making the girl cry out
and come again, Castiel gave his brother and sister a mental pat on the
back.  It was exactly what Dianne liked, and Rayna might never have
known had it not been for them.

By the time the night was done and
over with, both Rayna and Dianne fast asleep, Castiel, Hannah, and
Samandriel left their vessel behind and went back home, the little smirk
on Samandriel’s face not dying down for at least a few days after that

It was Hannah’s turn to pick a vessel next time, and Castiel couldn’t wait to see who it was.

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