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Title: Some kind of family
Pairing: CassiexDean, DeanxHannah, CastielxHannah
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 4,628
Square: Cross-Couple
Notes: pegging, Dean in panties, bottom Dean, Domme Hannah, Hannah and Cas have a kid

Pulling on his best casual not-trying-too-hard shirt – the purple and blue plaid one – Dean stands in front of the full length mirror that hangs on the back of the closet door. He flattens his hair down until it’s neat, then decides to run his fingers through it to spike it up. There’s a few days stubble on his jaw, but he he’s not sure if he really has time to shave. This is kind of short notice.

Pacing out of the bedroom to grab a duffel in the utility closet by the front door of their small apartment, the old wood floors creak under foot. Back and forth between the bedroom and front door, Dean gets his duffel ready with a spare change of clothes and some supplies, then forgets his phone in the bedroom, then goes to put his shoes on without having gotten socks.

“Babe, you have everything. And if you don’t, it’s fine. The pacing is distracting.”

Cassie isn’t even looking up from the thick book she’s buried in, toes tucked under her where she sits on the couch reading.

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This was amazing!!!


Title: Two for me, please

Pairing: CastielxHannahxSam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 3,171

Notes: for the SPN Kink Bingo square ‘Incest’, AU, Underage, Sibling Incest, bottom Cas, virgin Sam, top Hannah

Sam has been to their house a lot during the school year. Enough that he’s actually comfortable rummaging around in the fridge whenever he wants to get a soda. He’s spent the night a few times. Cas is one of the best friends that he’s ever had, and Sam is just glad that his dad’s job is going well enough that they’re staying for the whole school year and maybe another. Sam’ll be a senior soon and how great would it be to finish high school somewhere familiar, with his small group of friends. With Cas.

Maybe he’s thought about kissing Cas before. Maybe he’s thought about doing more than that. He’s thought about a lot of different kinds of things that he could do with his best friend, most of them based on the cheap porn he sneaks from under his brother’s mattress.

Honestly, more than anything Sam has just been nervous about straining the friendship that they have. A kiss wouldn’t be worth making anything awkward between him and Cas.

For all his daydreams and all his fantasies about the awkward, weird guy that he shares three AP classes with and has started going to chess club just to see him more, Sam had never in a million years dreamed that he’d be sitting on the blue futon in the Novak’s basement while Cas kisses someone else in front of him.

His sister.

Cas is kissing his sister right next to Sam in the Novak’s basement.

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*dies of hot*
You have nO IDEA how many buttons you just pushed, woman!