Title: Helpless (AO3)
Ship: Castiel/Donna/Jody/Pamela/Jo/Bela

This is just a really flimsy excuse in the form of faery sex magic to write Castiel with a bunch of awesome spn ladies. It is also entirely @samanddeaninpanties fault (and was also written for them :D)


Castiel isn’t sure how he ended up

Well, he is. He knows there was a spell
involved. Hunters and old friends, a small town and ancient faery
magic, everyone gathered together to help fight. Only they didn’t so
much end up fighting as fucking. Everyone, all over town, stripping
down and falling into the dirt or the grass or the nearest bed. Magic
slipping under their skin, soaking right down into their souls.

Or, in Castiel’s case, into his grace.

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