Title: Business transaction

Pairing: CainxCastielxJohn

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 990

Notes: so, @samanddeaninpanties mentioned John and Cain double teaming Cas and this just happened, AU, Cas is a prostitute in a brothel that John owns basically and Cain is a potential ‘investor’. Basically idfk it’s just porn man.

Castiel can’t seem to catch his breath, it swells in his throat and trips over his lips, great shuddering heaves he tries, tries, but every blow to his ass leaves him gasping. Skin beat so hard it’s aching deep in his bones, spreading up his back and down his thighs with heat. The cheap eye liner he picked just for this is probably running down his cheeks with wide tear tracks as he begs.

“Are you sorry yet boy?”

He tries to say it once – “Ye” – and tries to say it twice – “Ye”- before he finally finishes – “Yes!”

Its a lie.

That broad hand comes down one more time jostling him forward and there’s another hand in his hair holding tight keeping his face tilted up. It’s the one behind him that talks.

“And are you going to show our friend a good time?”


That comes a little quicker.

Clink of a belt, jeans pushed down. There’s a cock in front of his face, hard and so red, and Castiel knows how to do this. Castiel loves to do this. He’s already salivating, cheeks flushed, his cock bouncing up against his stomach as the slaps come down still – but gentler – over his ass and thighs. Fluttering his eye lashes and looking up, another roll of tears squeezing out of the corners, Castiel wants to swallow this man down whole.

A friend.

That’s what John had said, he’s a friend.

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