Title: Falling for you

Pairing: Kevstiel

Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 1,492

Notes: this is @samanddeaninpanties fault ilybby<3

The first time that it happened, it was absolutely Castiel’s fault and he accepted full blame.

Although he wouldn’t think of himself as timid, by any means, there was a sense of hesitation when he became wholly and – most likely – irreversibly human that it took some pushing to explore himself as a human. Castiel had exercised free will more than most angels had, but he was also accustomed to such flexing of his independence as a thing that ended catastrophically.

Literally, catastrophically.

And no, trying different toppings on his sandwiches or picking out his own clothes at GoodWill weren’t the sort of decisions that could lead to another apocalypse.

So, Castiel had been in the process of taking initiative and exploring what he wanted.

When that initiative happened to be kissing Kevin in the library, he was definitely at fault when they were caught.

It was not a new aspect to their relationship, the touching and the kissing – Castiel enjoyed these parts of being human – but the impulse to touch when Kevin was reaching for the top shelf on his toes and his shirt rid up, it seized Castiel suddenly. Touching had turned into kissing, a soft one to the back of Kevin’s neck to start, then more across his jaw and over his lips when he had turned in Castiel’s arms to return the affection.

There may have been rubbing involved, hip to hip, by the time that Sam had found them.

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