replied to your post “samanddeaninpanties
replied to your post “samanddeaninpanties

I bet he shivers and trembles every time she says his name. Bet he LOVES it. I sure as hell do 😉

And she would totally pick up on it and play it up. She’d say his full name with a little smirk when other people are around. Subtle enough nobody else notices, but Cas gets it.


His breath stutters and he shivers and Dean frowns at him. “You cold, Cas?”

“I-I’m fine. Thank you, Dean.”

replied to your post “samanddeaninpanties
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Hey hey hey, here’s a thing to cheer you up: Cas & Mary getting it on! Heyoooooo. Seriously, I’m just waiting for Cas to sit on Mary’s face. Or, ya know, she can fuck his, whatever works. 😉

Now you just hold on a minute. I’m at the shop and you’re teasing me? Innocent little meeee?!! (is there a ship name for this yet?)

Teasing me with thoughts of Mary grinning as she pulls Cas into the back seat of the Impala, telling him he’s not the first.

Pushing him down on the seat, flat on his back as he gasps, sure that he wants it but a little nervous because IT’S DEAN’S MOM!!

She bites his lip and grabs his crotch through his slacks, and when she trails a finger over his side and he lets out a little giggle she just grins.

She barely lets him breathe. Lifting off his face only long enough for him to suck in a quick breath before she’s grinding her pussy down on him again, one hand on the back of the front seat and the other gripping a chunk of his thick hair, holding him in place, just where she wants him.

He’s squirming beneath her, whining into her pussy, and she can hear him stroking his cock.

When she comes, she cover his mouth with her pussy until his body starts to shudder, and when she climbs off him, he’s nothing but a dazed and satisfied puddle of angel, boneless on the back seat of her car. That’s right HER CAR. She christened it long before Dean was born and she’s done it again.

Cas blushes for days every time Mary and Dean or Sam are in the same room.