Weird ass AU where Meg and Cas are Alphas and hunters. Ficlet takes place during the It’s a Terrible Life episode. Inspired by this post

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Unemployment office here I come. Or jail.  

He sent a picture of his dick to his goddamn boss, realizing it a few precious seconds too late. Cas sits naked on the edge of his bed, dumbfounded, and stares down at his phone, waiting for hell to rain down on him. But Meg doesn’t text him.

He concludes that the silence is worse.

Cas dreads going back to Sandover but he drags himself out of bed anyway. He chats with Ian-the-nonconformist until he gets a call from Meg telling him to meet her in her office.

This is it.

He steps in and is met with a sight he doesn’t expect – Meg isn’t angry when she looks up at him. Also, the blinds are down. No one can see them once he shuts the door. 

“Know why I called you in here?”

“Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic?”

Meg stops pouring two glasses of wine on her desk. “Accidentally?” she asks, disappointment tingeing her voice.

“It was meant for someone else,” he admits. “She’s a friend with benefits.”

“It’s cute you felt the need to tell me that, Clarence,” Meg says, lips tilting up in a smirk.

“Meg. What are you doing?”

“Thought you were a smart boy. Was I wrong? It’s for you. Come sit with me. If you’re real nice I’ll let you fuck me afterward.”

Cas chokes, legs threatening to give out. He hasn’t sat down. Is afraid of what might happen if he does. “We’re both Alphas and you’re my boss. We can’t -”  

“Says who?”


“I’d really like it if you had lunch with me,” Meg says, ignoring his comment.

It’s taboo for Alphas to mate but it doesn’t stop his pants from tightening. Doesn’t stop his breath from quickening and certainly doesn’t stop him from wanting to bend his boss over her desk and mark her.

“I had a dream about you last night,” he says.

“Ooh. Was it a sexy dream?”

“No. We were hunting monsters together. Demons, vampires, werewolves, ghosts. We were partners. I think I know you, Meg. I’ve known you a long time and those dreams are real.”

“Huh. Can this wait till after you fuck me?”


At that moment he can’t bring himself to care if she believes him. Can’t bring himself to care that what they want to do to each other is wrong. He lunges for the desk, takes a deep drink of wine and leans over so he can devour her mouth with a kiss that’s biting and rough. Meg’s hands find his hair and she tugs hard, unwilling to submit and let him take control. 

Fuck their society, the stupid rules set in place no Alpha is allowed to cross. This is going to be so much fun

Niiiiiiiice 😀