I got to thinking about This Post by castieladrift

why do i always have to love the character thats most hated on the show??
my damon pain is legendary

So I thought I’d reblog and add some of the characters I’ve liked over the years who were on a list of most hated/annoying characters of all time.  But I realized something as I was creating my list and changed it to a post of my own, but this needs to all be credited to castieladrift because that post got me thinking 😀

I like plenty of other characters more, but there’s something special about these characters:

  • Ted/HiMYM – a dork who doesn’t hide that he’s a woman-stupid dork
  • Emma/The Following – hot little thing with an attitude of “screw you”
  • Sheldon/BBT – anal, ridiculous, geeky asshole who doesn’t hide it
  • Larry/OitNB – asshole who pisses Piper (a bitch) off, which amuses me
  • Meg 1&2/Supernatural – attitude, hot, will fuck you over to your face
  • Dana/Homeland – a little bitch who openly pisses off her family
  • Dwight/Office – anal, ridiculous, will screw you over
  • Healey/OitNB – an asshole who still gives a shit in his own way
  • Dawn/BtVS – annoying sister who never was/didn’t try to be anything else
  • Lutz/30 Rock – a shamelessly dorky asshole
  • Kyrcek/X-Files – malicious, dark, hot, will fuck you over to your face
  • Penguin/Gotham – will fuck you over to your face
  • Tess/Roswell – a bitch but didn’t bother hiding…

Okay, I already knew this about myself, but I didn’t realize I was even extending this to TV characters. I’m highly attracted to assholes who don’t care enough to hide that they’re assholes, or at least don’t hide it very well, yet they still make a contribution to life.

I like dark.  I like snarky.  I like intelligence. I like a sarcastic sense of humor.  But most of all I like it when people don’t hide behind a bullshit smile and patronizing tone of voice.