did you know cbd and thc both have antipsychotic and anxiolytic as well as anticonvulsant properties?

FYI: Cannabidiol (CBD) is the medicinal part of the marijuana plant
and what medical marijuana is mostly meant for. It doesn’t give you a
high, but it stops seizures and it’s shown to have an effect on cancer
and other ailments including pain, whereas THC is more for recreational
use and also helps severe pain (such as the pain associated with cancer,
burns, etc.).

Anyway, the antipsychotic thing was news to me.
Anticonvulsant was a given with all the good it’s doing for people with
seizures, and enough people chill with it that I figured there were
anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, but I didn’t realize the
antipsychotic properties were there.

I think next time I need to
do an antipsycbhotic course, I’ll try CBD and/or THC  to see if it works
better. It’ll definitely cause less side effects than antipsychotics.

antipsychotics are labeled as “atypical antipsychotics” because they’re
like first-generation antipsychotics, but they have less side effects.

CBD and THC is considered EXTRA atypical because as of yet they’ve not
found strong negative side effects, and with moderate use they haven’t
observed ANY brain damage, which you get with even atypical
antipsychotics. First-generation antipsychotics are kinda ridiculous on
the brain damage front.

Also there’s no nerve damage, which you definitely get with antipsychotics.

psych doc is very against the whole medical marijuana thing, so I’ll
probably end up going with CBD first and see if that works just in case
she finds out and flips out over it. I wouldn’t let that stop me from
trying the THC if the CBD didn’t work, though.

The only problem
with all of this is that antipsychotics reduce norepinephrine (part of
what your brain releases when the fight or flight response kicks in),
and norepinephrine is what I think makes me so functional in life even
though I’m schizophrenic.

Schiozphrenics have a ton of
norepinephrine in their brains and the medical community doesn’t really
know why, so they try to reduce it with atipsychotics, but I actually
take a medication that increases it (and my psych doc is willing to let
me take it because she sees it’s working, but it would be difficult to
find another psychiatrist who would let me do that, so far I’ve only
found two), and I do really well, so I’ve taken a stab at the idea
schizophrenics actually need “too much” norepinephrine, and that’s what
I’ve been working at for about 7 years now.

If that’s true, then I shouldn’t take CBD or THC on a daily basis, but I’ll definitely be trying it for my psychotic episodes 🙂