I moved to Australia, and in some places in the city, at dusk, all the fruit bats leave their roosts and fly to the best fruit patch like a great river across the sky, it lasts for like 20 minutes.

AWWWW!!! So cute!!

We’re close to the edge of the city where we are, and we get small bats flying around at dusk. One got stuck on our porch for a little while, but we just shut off the porch light and he found his way out.

They aren’t really scared of anybody/anything here, so they swoop pretty close if you’re outside at dusk.

They’re adorable 😀

writing self-promos

I was tagged by @cenedrariva. Thank you!

Unfortunately this has been a bad few months for me writing-wise, so I’ve only published two things this year, one of which was written last year.

Fics I’ve Published:

Hannibal Thing
Jody/Pam Thing

Fics I’m Working On:

I’ve worked a little bit on CON ‘Verse, but I’m not even close to finishing another part yet. I have the rest of Part 2 ready to publish, but I’m just in a really odd place now mentally, so I’m holding off until I’m doing better. I also worked on a thing for @robotsnchicks that I’m really gonna finish one of these days, really!

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